Ladies’ Futsal

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Building community through playing fun football and fellowship.
Very informal and fun games that are very popular with
our footy-mums and senior girls alike – getting fit or keeping fit.

We play ‘Fast Futsal‘ – a slightly modified version of the game that
keeps the ball moving and allows us to play without referees.

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There are two weekly sessions (come to one or both):

  • Saturday afternoons MiniFutsal™
    Victory Sports Ground sports hall, 1.30pm to 3pm, £3
  • Wednesday evenings 5v5 Futsal
    Skyliner Sports Centre sports hall, 8pm to 9pm, £5

(Sporting 87 Educational Trust created its MiniFutsal™ format of the game in 2012 and continues its development through Community and Academy sessions. The half-hall smaller pitch forces the need for good technique, high agility and quick decision making in order to be successful; while a player’s physical size and stature are reduced in influence. A more equitable, challenging and enjoyable game for everyone results. )

Enjoy the game, feel healthy, and be more confident when playing kickabout with the children.


If you’re a new participant, before you book please email us to check availability of places. To book a place use our online shop.


2016-17 Awards

Nikki Brown – Best short play-maker and shot executor
Donna Warnock – Best team energiser and motivator
Di Moriarty – Best defending and stamina
Sarah Flack – Best team supporter and sideline instructor
Sharron Tricker – Best goalkeeper distribution and short passing
Weronika Józefowska – Best long passer and play-maker
Katie Hopkins – Best dribbler and long shot goal taker
Cerys Brown – Best team player; and most improved winner
Lyndsey Allsopp – Best game-reader and female-sport participation enthusiast
Victoria Orchard – Best turner on the ball and shot opportunity taker
Katie Orchard – Best fine ball control; and fair play runner-up
Ali Greenbank – Best challenger; and most improved runner-up
Urszula Szczech – Best goalkeeper, smiles and flares; and fair play winner runner-up
Lucy Miles – Best in-play organiser and tough nut (bruised legs)
Hayley Smyth – Best determination and quickest learner
Penny Price – Best positional play and movement off the ball
Susie Filkins – Best technical play; and fair play winner

Fair Play Award: For leadership, example, sportsmanship, reliability and commitment – a fine Club ambassador

Most Improved Award: For development in ability and/or attitude that has increased the player’s contribution to her team and the Club

2015-16 Awards

Nikki Brown – Best fine ball control and short passing
Susie Filkins – Best energised play and Club commitment
Donna Warnock – Best in play strategiser and team enthusiasm
Di Moriarty – Best fortitude and strength
Sarah Flack – Best second ball positioning and goal poaching
Sharron Tricker – Best vision and positioning
Weronika Józefowska – Best dribbing and running with the ball
Katie Hopkins – Best long range finishing
Cerys Brown – Best team player responsibility and opportunity taker
Lyndsey Allsopp – Best technical learning enthusiasm
Jennifer Veal – Best determination and winning back the ball
Penny Price – Best holding midfielder and distribution
Dale Simon – Best challenging strength and shot blocker
Urszula Szczech – Best joyful enthusiasm
Ali Greenbank – Best willingness to try new techniques
Fiona Strachan – Best predicting defender

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