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Supplementary sessions for youth players at all levels who aspire to improve, either to forge ahead or catch-up with their peers; and scholarships for youths involved in coaching or otherwise supporting the game.

Themes of provision

  • Development for everyone
  • High quality coaching
  • Multi-perspective learning

The Sporting Academy is a school of football for players, young coaches and youths who wish to support the game at grass roots level. Our programmes and events are designed, managed and delivered to provide the most appropriate personal development experiences.

Through an underpinning philosophy of motivating, challenging and satisfying the needs and wants of participants, we not only develop skills and knowledge but also key traits of high self confidence, high self esteem and original character.

Activity options

Our Academy encompasses a range of activities for children and youths of all ages.

Primary School Age Secondary School Age

Development for everyone

We welcome everyone who wants to learn: very importantly there is no ability bar at the Academy, but we do insist on best effort, discipline and commitment. We believe that every child has a right to improve him/herself, and our purpose is to facilitate this.


Everyone is steered along a course with a personal agenda, and for exceptionally gifted players this may culminate in the opportunity to progress to a pro-club academy, either through referral, or by trial held at the Academy.

Encouraging learning from each other is also one of our key development policies, and this includes collaborative teamwork, observing and studying gifted peers or conversely assisting less able peers.

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High quality youth football coaching

Under the auspices of our Football Development Manager, all Academy sessions are led by full-time professional coaches, qualified with the most appropriate UEFA and English FA qualifications. In particular we ensure that FA Youth Module qualifications are a key component of the continued professional development programmes of all our staff.

Our extensive syllabi provide the logical frameworks and content for our sessions, into which our coaches add enthusiasm, encouragement and personal expertise.

Multi-perspective learning for young players

Our long term player development philosophy not only ensures that young players receive coaching that makes them versatile on the pitch, but more importantly it prepares them for any eventuality in terms of their physical and mental growth.

We believe that the final character and strengths of children cannot ultimately be determined until they have fully matured. Their needs, wants and sensitivities are continually developing, and so we are careful not to categorise players at an early age and thereby limit their experiences and potential growth.

We take a holistic approach to player education by also teaching topics on coaching, team management, match officiating, and club management. Not only does this foster an appreciation of those who teach, administer and govern football (and very often for free at grassroots level in this country), but it also helps those players who may like to pursue a career in the game (or other sport). It may even inspire them to undertake voluntary work within their school, local community, or perhaps at Sporting 87 FC (facilitated through its national award winning Football Leader Programme).

If you’re a new participant, before you book please email us to check availability of places.

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