Academy Covid-19 Crisis Home Footy Activities




The Covid-19 crisis has made our Academy motto particularly pertinent for our current younger generation. With the right resolve we can get through this together: stronger, fitter and better.

Our coaches have been looking at ways we can acheive this during lock-down, and have produced several modular activity programmes for you to take up. Here’s the first, click on the link below to download your instructions. If you don’t fancy this one, no worries, there’ll be more to follow.

If currently you’re not a member of the Academy and you wish to download the activity instructions, please make a donation; click here. Our coaching staff aren’t covered by furlough or other Government crisis finance schemes and are grateful for your support.

Academy coaches James and Cameron are available for 1-on-1 support with these activities. Initially contact them by email with your query, and they will then either just email back or suggest a chat on the phone or video call on your computer. Note that a parent/carer must give permission and be present for a phone or video call.


Activity 1. Resistance Traning Programme – Outfield Players

Activity 2. Resistance Traning Programme – Goalkeepers

Activity 3. TBD

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