Indoor football restriction lifted for youth football

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The Sporting Trust’s policy is to take the guidance of the Government and FA, and apply it to our sessions, but there is some leeway in what we can then do by choice, e.g. we have taken the stance of not allowing spectators at our Academy sessions. This month we have been allowed to return indoors for our youth sessions (not adult). Taking it as safe to do so (following strict Government and FA guidance) as a ‘futsal’ provider the Trust feels that the session quality and integrity will be greatly enhanced by moving back indoors. Also we are mindful that many schools are conducting PE in school sports halls, and therefore we will follow suit.

Adult indoor football remains out of bounds, and so all our adult sessions will continue to be held outdoors.

How to get going again

If you are a member and already signed on just complete the Covid-19 session booking form and turn-up. If you are not signed on, visit our online shop and book onto a programme. You will also need to then complete the Covid-19 session form. If you are a returning member, having stopped because of Covid-19, and you don’t know if you are not signed on or not, then contact us and we can let you know. Note that if you attend a session and you are not signed on within 24hrs, you must pay the pay-and-play fee for each of those sessions up until the time you eventually sign on.

Special Covid-19 booking process

At the moment all players MUST book each individual session with our new Covid-19 session booking form.
You must read the terms and conditions so you know how to attend the session safely.

Football not for you at the moment?

If you’re shielding for yourself or someone you live with, then of course please stay safe and return at a later date. You may not wish to return because we’re outdoors, or not exactly at the same time as before or not running on the day you used to play yet; all these reasons are perfectly understandable. We tread a difficult path and will inevitably take steps that not everybody will agree with. What is very important to us though is that players’ parents know and understand that we have utmost respect for anyone making a decision to stop footy temporarily because of family health concerns or just personal views/choice. This is the case for our staff too.

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