Birthday Parties and Celebrations

We can provide a personalised ‘Holiday Club experience’ just to you and your friends, making your special day really special.
From early years and reception to age 12, our parties are available to members and non-members.

For pre-school children we can offer our ‘Mini Cubs experience’. See separate section below for details.


We can present a fun session in your garden at home or we can arrange a venue where you can also have party food afterwards. Our price does’t include hire of a venue; however we can help arrange this for you.

The start time of your party can be entirely to suit you, just decide when you’d like to eat (assuming you’ll be providing a birthday tea) and then work an hour and a half back from then for the start time.


What’s included

– 1½ hours footy/sports session*
– Personalised email guest invitation
– Birthday gift and card
– Chocolate gift for each guest
– Sporting Holiday Club voucher prizes for school year 1+

We will of course supply all the equipment necessary, and while the footy/sport takes place parents can take a break and relax, leaving the children totally in our care. Please note that we only provide our birthday party packages on Sundays.

* Early years / reception age 1 hour, and parent support may be needed



Typically an indoor venue is chosen in case of poor weather, and the cost for this would be in the region of £40 for a sports hall or village hall, and £15 for a party room where the children can eat a party tea or have a takeaway delivered.

In partnership with Abbeycroft Leisure and the new Skyliner Sports Centre. Skyliner is a venue we highly recommend. If you book the sports hall but on the day the weather’s fine, you can switch outdoors (facility bookings allowing). The studio in the building is then a perfect place to have your food afterwards.


Our fee is £10 per child. All payments are required in advance. After checking availability you can use our online shop to book and pay.

If you have any questions or wish to enquire about available dates, just email

Mini Cubs Birthday Party

Pre-schoolers can enjoy our ‘Mini Cubs experience’. We set-up our inflatable football pitch with all the soft football equipment, and our coach then supports the host parents during the party. Guest parents will need to supervise their own child during play; just like at a Mini Cubs session. You’ll get:

– 1 hour footy session
– Personalised email guest invitation
– Birthday gift and card from the Sporting coaching team


The practical limit on child-with-parent numbers inside the pitch is around eight, but the surrounding area can also be utilised. We recommend an hour of play time; after which the party host can provide party food and drink. The host will need to arrange and pay for a suitable venue and our fee is £90. A visit from our Tommy the Tiger mascot is optional and will cost £25.

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