Fast Futsal Rules and Small Futsal Formats

Fast Futsal

In our Community futsal sessions and in our Academy development sessions we play ‘Fast Futsal‘ – a slightly modified version of the game that keeps the ball moving and allows us to play without referees. The underpinning principle of the game is that it is played in the spirit of:

  • Honesty – Declare outcomes truthfully and proactively.
    (Did the ball cross the line, who touched it last, was it a foul…?)
  • Integrity – Your intent must be to play by the rules with respect and care for others.
    (Be true to the spirit in which we play, and accept the unintentional mistakes of others)
  • Impeccability – No excuses and no gamesmanship.
    (Don’t bring your day into your play. Refrain from blocking, pulling and goading.)

The changes to the game rules are outlined below.

  • Center kick to start the game only. Restart after a scored goal by a goal kick.
  • No time countdown for ball re-entering play.
  • No foul count / second penalty rule.
  • Substitutes enter at any point on the side of the pitch.

Small Futsal Format

Sporting 87 Educational Trust created its MiniFutsal™ format of the game in 2012 and continues its development through Community and Academy sessions for both children and adults.

The smaller pitch force the need for good technique, high agility and quick decision making in order to be successful; while a player’s physical size and stature are reduced in influence. A more equitable, challenging and enjoyable game for everyone results.

Applying the same ‘scaling’ logic to the game of Futsal that the 2012 FA Youth Review applied to children’s football, Sporting 87 MiniFutsal™ is logical and benefiting competition formats for children up to and including the U11 age group. Looking back it is incredible that children were expected to play well and develop in such inappropriate outdoor football environments; these alternative formats make the very same improvements to the indoor game.

This modified game makes it more:

  • Appropriate – Format and rules that are physically and psychologically aligned to children through their growth in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.
  • Effective – Enhances its use as a great tool for teaching technical aspects of the game; and keeps it as a fun game in its own right.
  • Accessible and equitable – Makes the most use of local community facilities and keeps prices affordable.
  • Safe – Equipment, match durations and environments that are suitable for children.

The degree to which the game is scaled has generally been taken from the scaling factors applied to children’s outdoor football. The aspects of the game that have been modified in this way are:

  • Pitch size
  • Goal size
  • Ball size
  • Match duration
  • Rule changes to simplify the game

Pitch sizes

  • U6/7/8/9 – 50% / Half pitch (half hall) with three quarter goals
  • U10/11 – 75% / Three quarter pitch (use netball pitch markings) with three quarter goals
  • U12+ – Standard size 100% / Full pitch with full size goals

‘Hall’ size is given in relation to a standard 4/5 badminton court size. U6/7/8/9 half hall games allow for two matches side-by-side in standard sports halls. Where a whole hall is available for a single U6/7/8/9 MiniFutsal™ match the line markings of a basketball court can be used to give greater run off and better spectator viewing; where the goal lines can be taken at the point where the straight line of the ‘3-point line’ starts to curve; the curve then becomes the goal area ‘D’. Cones or temporary tape can be used for goal line marking.

Goal sizes

  • U6/7/8/9/10/11 – 75% / Three quarter goal 2.25m x 1.5m (approx. 8ft x 5ft)
  • U12+ – 100% / Full goal 3m x 2m (approx. 10ft x 6.5ft)

Ball sizes

  • U6/7/8/9 – 75% / size 3
  • U10/11 – 100% / size 4
  • U12+ – 100% / size 4

Match durations

  • U6/7 – 25% / 10 mins (straight through, up to 3 matches)
  • U8/9/10/11 – 75% / 30 mins (2 x 15)
  • U12+ – 100% / 40 mins (2 x 20)

Rule changes to simplify the game

  • Dead ball distance to opposition players is 3m (reduced from 5m)
  • Goalkeeper pass back allowed – no restrictions
  • Foul count penalty rule is 3 (reduced from 5)

Suffolk FA WAYS League rules option

  • Extra players rule at 4 and 6 goal difference

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