Footy Cubs and Tigers

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Click here or on Tommy to find out where he’s been recently!

These are foundation sessions for a child’s first discovery and joy of the game. Our fun play and practices support the development of children’s fundamental movement skills, termed A B C ‘s (see explanatory video), at the same time as motivating, enthusing and developing a life-long love of football. The game’s social, cooperative and collaborative nature is also an important factor as to why the game of footy has so much positive benefit beyond it simply being physically rewarding.

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We provide appropriately designed sessions for the first two important stages of children’s physical, emotional and cognitive growth:

  • Cubs for ages 3½ to 6 (up to school year 1) – FUNdamentals based play and practice.
  • Tigers for ages 5 to 7 (school years 1 and 2) – Play, practice and regular mini-matches (optional on Saturdays, September to May).

You’ll notice that there is an overlap in ages in the Cubs and Tigers groups. Our policy is to place children starting at aged 5 and 6 in the most appropriate group depending on their previous experience and friendships with those that have already started.  Similarly children in the Cubs session transition to Tigers when it is deemed appropriate for the individuals.

The Tigers group make up our Football Club’s U7 representative teams in 4v4 format mini-matches at Suffolk FA festivals. These occur every 5-6 weeks throughout the season.

Two week-day options for both Cubs and Tigers (sessions run side by side):

  • Wednesdays: 6pm, indoors at the Skyliner Sports Centre (both groups)
    (Cubs to 6.45pm and Tigers to 7pm, both £5 per session).
  • Thursdays: 6pm, indoors at the Skyliner Sports Centre (both groups)
    (Cubs to 6.45pm and Tigers to 7pm, both £5 per session).

Optional weekend practice and mini-matches for Tigers only:

  • Saturdays: 9-10am, outdoors, normally outdoors at the Victory Sports Ground
    (September to April inclusive only)
    (£5 per session or FREE for children that attend a week-day session; this includes our school lunch and after school clubs at Sexton’s Manor, St Edmund’s, Howard and Combs Ford primary schools)

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Tigers progression into U8 teams

At school year 3 our Tigers progress to new Sporting 87 Football Club U8 teams that play 5-a-side mini soccer in the local Suffolk FA WAYS League. U8s train mid-week and play matches on Saturday mornings. Our specialist Tiger coaches don’t transfer with the group, but during the latter part of the preceding season the nominated volunteer Club coaches join in with the sessions to get to know the children.

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If you’re a new participant, before you book please email us to check availability of places. To book a place use our online shop.


Our tiger mascots and the WWF Tiger Protectors scheme

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Sporting 87 was formed in, yes, 1987 which in part is the Chinese year of the tiger – this is why we chose this beautiful, strong and stealthy animal as our Club’s children’s mascot. At our footy sessions we use large cuddly tiger toy mascots “Timmy” and “Trixy” to encourage and support the children in their efforts. Also, at the end of each session players that are awarded “Cub/Tiger of the Week” get to take the ‘younger’ (smaller) tiger “Tommy” home with them. Click here to find out where Tommy’s been recently!  🙂

It’s all great fun and the tigers are great motivators for the children. We also like to teach the children a little about the struggle of real tigers in the wild. There’s estimated to be just 3,900 tigers left in world and there are urgent problems that need tackling; such as poaching, illegal trade in body parts and tiger farms. We hope to instill a little community responsibility by linking our use of the toy tigers at football to the plight of their real ‘cousins’ in Asia. If you’d like to find out more, then visit the WWF Tigers website, or you can click on the picture below to find out how you can become a WWF ‘Tiger Protector’.


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