Ladies’ Futsal


If you’re a new participant, before you book please email us to check availability of places.

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Building community and fellowship through playing fun football.
Very informal and fun games that are very popular with
our footy-mums and senior girls alike – getting fit or keeping fit.

Our sessions provide informal and fun matches, with minimal contact. all play respectful . The games are played in the right spirit, with respect of each others experience and competence, so there’s no need for referees (our coaches are there to organise, ensure you have a good time and provide individual assistance).

Although our ladies don’t play in a regular competition they do occasionally enter 5-a-side competitions: both running and walking formats, and when appropriate vets categories.

We play ‘Fast Futsal‘ – a slightly modified version of the game that keeps the ball moving, and on Saturdays we apply a ‘MiniFutsal™‘ format (smaller pitch) which focuses play on skill and strategy rather than physical attributes.

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Wednesday evenings small sided Futsal
Skyliner Sports Centre sports hall, 8pm to 9pm
Place available!

(Pay-and-Play by prior arrangement only)

Enjoy the game, feel healthy, and be more confident when playing kickabout with the children.


If you’re a new participant, before you book please email us to check availability of places.

For prices or to book a session click here… 

2019-20 Awards

Cancelled due to Covid-19.

2018-19 Awards

Rachel Bolton – Player of the Year

2017-18 Awards

Cerys Brown – Player of the Year

2016-17 Awards

Nikki Brown – Best short play-maker and shot executor
Donna Warnock – Best team energiser and motivator
Di Moriarty – Best defending and stamina
Sarah Flack – Best team supporter and sideline instructor
Sharron Tricker – Best goalkeeper distribution and short passing
Weronika Józefowska – Best long passer and play-maker
Katie Hopkins – Best dribbler and long shot goal taker
Cerys Brown – Best team player; and most improved winner
Lyndsey Allsopp – Best game-reader and female-sport participation enthusiast
Victoria Orchard – Best turner on the ball and shot opportunity taker
Katie Orchard – Best fine ball control; and fair play runner-up
Ali Greenbank – Best challenger; and most improved runner-up
Urszula Szczech – Best goalkeeper, smiles and flares; and fair play winner runner-up
Lucy Miles – Best in-play organiser and tough nut (bruised legs)
Hayley Smyth – Best determination and quickest learner
Penny Price – Best positional play and movement off the ball
Susie Filkins – Best technical play; and fair play winner

2015-16 Awards

Nikki Brown – Best fine ball control and short passing
Susie Filkins – Best energised play and Club commitment
Donna Warnock – Best in play strategiser and team enthusiasm
Di Moriarty – Best fortitude and strength
Sarah Flack – Best second ball positioning and goal poaching
Sharron Tricker – Best vision and positioning
Weronika Józefowska – Best dribbing and running with the ball
Katie Hopkins – Best long range finishing
Cerys Brown – Best team player responsibility and opportunity taker
Lyndsey Allsopp – Best technical learning enthusiasm
Jennifer Veal – Best determination and winning back the ball
Penny Price – Best holding midfielder and distribution
Dale Simon – Best challenging strength and shot blocker
Urszula Szczech – Best joyful enthusiasm
Ali Greenbank – Best willingness to try new techniques
Fiona Strachan – Best predicting defender

Fair Play Award: For leadership, example, sportsmanship, reliability and commitment – a fine Club ambassador

Most Improved Award: For development in ability and/or attitude that has increased the player’s contribution to her team and the Club

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