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A unique holistic approach to youth football development, designed to complement Club training and matches, whether Sporting 87 or other clubs. The regular 1 1/2 hour development sessions for junior youth players are held indoors at the Victory Sports Ground sports hall. The sessions are open to all children who are serious about improving their footy up to academy level; making referrals direct to professional academies when it is appropriate for them to progress.

FREE Academy shirt when you sign on.
A full Academy kit is also available and is mandatory for matches.
(other session provider kits are not allowed).

Very restricted places. Contact us now to book your assessment session.
Don’t book and pay until you’re offered a place.

General terms for sessions
By paying for this product you agree to our booking agreement and conditions. It is important that you read and understand them.

Players and parents/carers agreements
By joining these sessions players and parents/carers agree to abide by:
Players Code of Conduct
Parents/Carers Code of Conduct
Parents/Carers also declare that they have:
Read and understood the Q&A sheet for players and parents/carers and accepted all relevant obligations and commitments stated therein.
Provided full/correct medical and/or special needs information
– Given permission for our staff to provide basic first aid in the event of an emergency.

Additional information

Top Sizes

YXS [27/28], YS [29/30], YM [31/33], YL [34/35], YXL [36/37]

£23.00 / month and a £20.00 sign-up fee

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