Academy Admisions, Team Selection and Playing Policy

The Academy has representitive teams that players from all sessions are elibible for. Typically team activities are held during school holidays when regular sessions are at rest. There are additional fees for team activities to cover additional outgoings, and occaisionally voluntary support is needed from parents/carers. Here’s how you can help (just let your Academy coach know you’re available):

  • Match-day assitants – While the lead coach prepares and sets-out the team, help set-up the RESPECT equipment, goals and technical areas.
  • Club ambassadors – Welcome, inform and assist the opposition players, coaches and parents.
  • Tea bar and after match refreshment helpers – We’ll only ask you to take on sensible shifts that allow you to watch your child’s game. Also, at Academy matches players are normally given a hot snack and drinks after the match, which will need preparing and serving.
  • Pavilion clearers – Once the fun is over we need help to clean and tidy; the more hands the merrier. (The players clean the changing rooms themselves).
  • Academy team’s sponsor – Private and appropriate business/organisation sponsors are always welcome to sponsor our teams for costly special events or simply to reduce/remove additional player fees. If you believe that supporting our talented stream of youth players is a worthy cause, then please get in touch.

Academy teams match selection policy

When absence from a selection activity is for good reason (injury, sickness, school commitments including trips, long planned family holidays, etc.) a player’s selection for an upcoming team activity will be based on his/her last Academy performance (at training or in competition). Therefore the reason for absence must be given for a player to be considered.

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