Parents/Carers Code of Conduct

Parents/carers declaration and agreement

I/we give permission for my son/daughter to play for the Sporting Trust, and I/we agree to follow the rules and regulations of the Sportiing Trust when applicable, accept its values and ethos, and abide by the Parents/Carers Code of Conduct below.

Behaviour at sessions and matches

  • Help create a friendly and supportive environment by not coaching the players, shouting, and screaming.
  • Applaud, encourage and be positive to all players on both teams and whatever their ability.
  • Respect the referee’s decision and refrain from making detrimental remarks about their performance.

Responsibility and common courtesy

  • Provide best notice and reason for absence from matches (at least 2 weeks) and training (at least 5 days).
  • Provide or arrange transport for my son/daughter to away matches/sessions.
  • Ensure timely payment of all monies due.

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