Tommy’s Travels

What’s Tommy been up to?

Tommy likes to visit his footy friends each week. The football coaches choose who Tommy goes to visit. They always choose a player that’s paid attention, tried their best, and behaved very well. Let’s see who he’s been to visit and what he’s been doing…

John’s super efforts at training meant that Tommy got to ride home on John’s head!

Tommy was very lucky and got to go to Soul Survivor
with Lily – a Christian festival with lots to do and
sleeping in tents! Stories, games, dancing and drama…
inflatables and of course, football kept them busy.


Having breakfast with Daniel – there’s only one piece left… who at it all?!


Getting dizzy with Jack on the rides at Nowton Park!


Exploring Harvey’s space adventure bedroom and then watching out for bears together at Centre Parks!


Sharing an ice cream with Ellis – leave some for Ellis Tommy!


Helping Freddie read his letter from the tooth fairy – excellent brushing skills!


Having a bash on the drums at George’s house – we wondered what the noise was!


Mason and Tommy playing footy in the living room – shh, don’t tell mum!


Max with Tommy having tea at his Grandparents with Isla, his Auntie and cousins



Being artistic and then catching a nap with Max and Isla.


Hanging out at Jack’s pad – grrrh!



Having fun in the car with Spencer (all buckled up safe)!


Winning the slalom race with John in Obertauern, Austria, and then celebrating with with James and Freddie by eating a hearty plate of frankfurters and chips!


Getting ready for school with Alfie and Sam – nice shoes Tommy! (Click here to see more.)



Swimming with Tom… and what’s this?… making himself a pancake!



Trampolining and playing American football with Luke!


Having his teeth cleaned with Alfie! (Click here to see more.)


Piggy backs on Oliver!


17-01 Tom Read 500w
Magic tricks with Tom!

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